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An Example of DHCP in Operation

by Ralph Droms and Ted Lemon - May 30, 2000

An Example of DHCP in Operation

Synopsis and Objectives


Setting Up the GSI Intranet

Using the DHCP Server to Obtain a New Network Address
DHCP Address Leases

Synopsis and Objectives

This tutorial presents a case study of an enterprise network using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to automate the configuration process. In particular, this tutorial discusses the use of the internal network, or intranet, for Generic Startup, Inc. (GSI) as the basis for an introductory example of DHCP operation.

A basic understanding of DHCP concepts, application, and terminology is assumed. For an introduction to DHCP, see " An Introduction to DHCP."

You will learn:

  • How you can use DHCP to automate the configuration of computers that use TCP/IP
  • How a computer contacts a DHCP server and obtains configuration parameters
  • How a computer obtains new configuration parameters when it moves to a new network segment
  • How leases are used to allow reassignment of IP addresses
  • What information you need to configure a server
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