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Sams Teach Yourself Network Troubleshooting in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Network Troubleshooting in 24 Hours

Author: Jonathan Feldman
Web Price: $19.99 US
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 0672314886
Publication Date: 12/16/98
Pages: 456

Table of Contents

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A practical, hands-on guide to network troubleshooting that emphasizes diagnostic techniques that many professionals, including engineers, architects, doctors, scientists, attorneys, etc. can really relate to. In today's pervasive network environment, many of these people are often responsible for "fixing the network" if it goes down. This book will emphasize fixing practical networking applications like shared printers, using the Internet, and sharing files. It does not get into the specifics of protocols or specific applications (i.e. Lotus Notes), but provides "Reader's Digest" overviews of topics like PC's, Unix, NT, Novell, Routers, and Firewalls, that impart the broad principles behind the technologies. Similarly, it allows readers to troubleshoot their specific applications by imparting broad principles at the expense of implementation specifics.


Table of Contents










Introduction: Getting Ready to Troubleshoot




1. The Telephone Analogy: Becoming Familiar with Basic Networking Concepts




2. You Can't Have Too Much Documentation, Money, or Love!




3. The Delta Method: Identifying Network Change




4. The Napoleon Method: Divide and Conquer




5. The Sesame Street Method: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other




6. The SOAP Method: Subjective Data, Objective Data, _Analysis, and Plan




7. The Simple Simon Approach




8. Hard Basics: Guide to Being a Hardware Geek




9. Ethernet Basics




10. Token-Ring Basics




11. Windows Networking Basics




12. UNIX Networking Basics




13. NetWare Networking Basics




14. Router and Switch Basics




15. Firewall and Proxy Server Basics




16. Beauty Is Consistency Deep: Saving Yourself Trouble




17. Where Do I Start?




18. “Lots of Different People in Your Neighborhood”: In-Depth Application Troubleshooting




19. Internet/Intranet Troubleshooting




20. Network Troubleshooters Just Wanna Have Fun




21. Tell Me About Your Network: Network Analyzers




22. Who Watches The Watchmen? Network Management Tools




23. The Network Is Slow! Getting a Definitive Answer to a Subjective Question




24. Reverse-Engineering Somebody Else's Network




a. Appendix A






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