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Top-Down Network Design

Top-Down Network Design

Author: Priscilla Oppenheimer
Web Price: $55 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (53)
ISBN: 1578700698
Publication Date: 12/23/98
Pages: 592

Table of Contents

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Novice network designers and seasoned network architects alike have concerns about how to design networks that can keep pace with the accelerating changes in the internetworking industry. Top-Down Network Design will help you to design networks that meet your customers' business and technical goals. This book provides you with tested processes and tools to help you understand traffic flow, protocol behavior, and internetworking technologies. After completing this book, you will be equipped to design enterprise networks that meet customers' requirements for functionality, capacity, performance, availability, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability.


Table of Contents







About the Technical Reviewers





Part 1 -


Identifying Your Customer's Needs and Goals


1. -


Analyzing Business Goals and Constraints


2. -


Analyzing Technical Goals and Constraints


3. -


Characterizing the Existing Internetwork


4. -


Characterizing Network Traffic


Part 2 -


Logical Network Design


5. -


Designing a Network Topology


6. -


Designing Models for Addressing and Naming


7. -


Selecting Bridging, Switching, and Routing Protocols


8. -


Developing Network Security and Network Management Strategies


Part 3 -


Physical Network Design


9. -


Selecting Technologies and Devices for Campus Networks


10. -


Selecting Technologies and Devices for Enterprise Networks


Part 4 -


Testing, Optimizing, and Documenting Your Network Design


11. -


Testing Your Network Design


12. -


Optimizing Your Network Design


13. -


Documenting Your Network Design


Part 5 -




A. -


Characterizing Network Traffic When Workstations Boot


B. -


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