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Cisco IOS 12.0 Quality of Service Solutions

Cisco IOS 12.0 Quality of Service Solutions

Author: Technologies Riva; Systems Cisco
Web Price: $40 US
Publisher: Cisco Press (53)
ISBN: 1578701619
Publication Date: 4/23/99
Pages: 288

Table of Contents

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Cisco IOS 12.0 Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide is a comprehensive guide detailing available Cisco IOS quality of service (QoS) features. This book suggests benefits you can gain from implementing Cisco IOS QoS features, and describes how to effectively configure and implement the various QoS features. Some of the features described in this book include Committed Access Rate (CAR), Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ), and Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED), as well as many other features.


Table of Contents







Introduction: Quality of Service Overview






1. -


Classification Overview


2. -


Configuring Policy-Based Routing


3. -


Configuring QoS Policy Propagation via Border Gateway Protocol


4. -


Configuring Committed Access Rate




Congestion Management


5. -


Congestion Management Overview


6. -


Configuring Weighted Fair Queuing


7. -


Configuring Custom Queuing


8. -


Configuring Priority Queuing




Congestion Avoidance


9. -


Congestion Avoidance Overview


10. -


Configuring Weighted Random Early Detection




Policing and Shaping


11. -


Policing and Shaping Overview


12. -


Configuring Generic Traffic Shaping


13. -


Configuring Frame Relay and Frame Relay Traffic Shaping






14. -


Signaling Overview


15. -


Configuring RSVP




Link Efficiency Mechanisms


16. -


Link Efficiency Mechanisms Overview


17. -


Configuring Link Fragmentation and Interleaving for Multilink PPP


18. -


Configuring Compressed Real-Time Protocol


19. -


Quality of Service Commands


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